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Families with children who have physical limitations are often faced with many challenges along the way; including financial challenges. We understand these challenges wholeheartedly and want to provide opportunities for families in need to get into an accessible van. We believe everyone should have the freedom to be able to go wherever they want with ease and not have to stress over how to get there.


The Carsten Mobility Foundation aims to financially support families by providing either full funded wheelchair vans or a portion of funds needed to help purchase a van. We also help with costs of other adaptive equipment such as pool lifts.


How to Help: 

Get involved! Whether it be attending one of our events, spreading the word or donating, every little bit helps make a wheel dream come true!




Founded by a mom whose son struggles with

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and dreams of doing things and going places every able bodied kid can. 

“Before having the wheelchair van, we were very limited where we could go and the activities Carsten could attend. The road to obtaining a van was difficult but it shouldn’t of been so. Since finally able to be more mobile, it has made all the difference to my son Carsten and our family. The world just opened up and got a whole lot bigger.

 - Lindsay Wood, Founder & CEO

Our Team



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